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CARIBAPAN registration

CARIBAPAN is an electronic platform for connecting Caribbean civil society organisations (CSOs), and other related organisations working in the field of alcohol advocacy and prevention with a view to facilitating mutual learning and strengthening individual and collective evidence-informed alcohol advocacy and action.

It is envisaged that as a result of caribapan, the growing network of alcohol advocates in the Caribbean will be better equipped to contribute significantly toward the development of Caribbean alcohol policy. Membership of CARIBAPAN is open to civil society, related organisations and individuals in the Caribbean, provided these organisations and individuals neither have interest in, nor connections to, the alcohol industry.

The information shared in the network can be sensitive and maintaining your privacy is taken very seriously.  In order to protect the privacy of the closed network, membership is open to those who work in public health and in particular alcohol.

Membership will be refused to those who are working in or behalf of the alcohol industry.

Registration process
To gain access to the CARIBAPAN network, please complete the registration form. 
As the registration process is manual and requires the CARIBAPAN Administrator to check references, your membership will be activated as soon as your credentials have been confirmed.  The aim is to complete the registration process in seven working days.
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CARIBAPAN: Registration Form
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Statement of eligibility, Yes, I confirm that the information I have provided in the above form is correct.  Yes I also confirm that I do not work for on behalf the alcohol industry. 
I agree that the CARIBAPAN Administrator and two referees will check my registration in order to approve my registration.
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