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FAQs on ncdlinks.org

Q03. What is ncdlinks.org?
A03: ncdlinks.org is a global community of practice of over 2,000 members, which consists of secure self-contained discussion forums.  Registered members are encouraged to share information and are able to discuss issues that concern policy-makers across sectors, to help improve progress towards the reduction in avoidable mortality.  The discussion forums which form the global community of practice are: 
AlcoholHealthLink | Globalink | PanaceaLink 
ncdlinks.org provides open access to the Obesity Learning Centre  and the Prevention Information & Evidence (P.I.E) eLibrary.  The P.I.E eLibrary covers grey literature, case studies and eLearning modules on the following topics: Alcohol Harm Reduction, Obesity, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco Control. 
The ncdlinks.org community of practice project has received funding by the Department of Health and Public Health England.  The aim of this project is to strengthen innovation, knowledge and creativity of public health policy makers,