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About the Obesity Learning Centre (OLC)

The Obesity Learning Centre (OLC) is the nationwide centre for quality assured information for everyone working in obesity. The OLC sets out to strengthen and support local capacity and capabilities to treat overweight in children and adults.

The OLC was launched in 2009 with grant funding by the Department of Health (England) and Public Health England. It is maintained by the Research Information Services team at the UK Health Forum.

The Prevention Information & Evidence service

Our service includes the latest information and evidence in public health from news to grey literature.

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  • Search the elibrary for case studies in obesity.
  • Read the latest news in obesity
  • Find grey literature

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Literature Updates

The Literature Updates provide an update on published literature on a public health topic, often decided in consultation with users of ncdlinks and our membership. They are compiled by qualified information staff at the UKHF.

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Literature updates


We look for and make available links to online training, or elearning, such as podcasts, videos, learning modules to advance your training in topics relevant to public health and non-communicable disease management.

We also include relevant conferences and workshops that have been held that release significant learning material.

Feel free to send us links to elearning modules we don't have listed.

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 Latest modules added

 Communities of Practice

The OLC is home to a series of online communities of practice, which have been set up to help you to share and find information.

The OLC communities are:

Each community provides you with access to:

  • Online discussion space
  • Regular alerts on new resources
  • Option to subscribe to a weekly email digest of the community discussion


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