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Results for: Alcohol

Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
HEPAHEALTH project: Risk factors and the Burden of Liver Disease in Europe and Selected Central Asian CountriesEuropean Association for the Study of the Liver11 April 20182018
What do we know about industry positions on trade and investment agreements?UK Public Health Network23 March 20182018
Public Health Perceptions SurveyLocal Government Association14 March 20182018
Alcohol and drug misuse treatment core dataset collection guidance Public Health England14 March 20182018
Joint Learning NetworkUK Health Forum01 March 20182018
Model-based appraisal of the comparative impact of Minimum Unit Pricing and taxation policies in Wales: Final reportWelsh Government28 February 20182018
HEPP – Maintaining a focus on health inequalitiesEuropean Commission 21 February 20182018
Stay Well in WalesPublic Health Wales20 February 20182018
AHA vacancy: Policy and advocacy managerAlcohol Health Alliance06 February 20182018
Behaviour Change by DesignBehaviour change by design30 January 20182018