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Results for: Obesity & Nutrition

Title/subtitleAuthors/ source/ publisherDate added to libraryYear published
HEPAHEALTH project: Risk factors and the Burden of Liver Disease in Europe and Selected Central Asian CountriesEuropean Association for the Study of the Liver11 April 20182018
Rethinking Junk Food Sponsorship in FootballHealthy Stadia; Sugar Smart29 March 20182018
What do we know about industry positions on trade and investment agreements?UK Public Health Network23 March 20182018
Public Health Perceptions SurveyLocal Government Association14 March 20182018
Eating Better: Executive Director Eating Better14 March 20182018
World Salt Awareness Week 2018World Action on Salt & Health14 March 20182018
Nutrition legislation information sources Department of Health and Social Care14 March 20182018
Inequalities in smoking and obesity in Europe predicted to 2050: Findings from the EConDA project (Abstract Only)UK Health Forum08 March 20182018
An overview of links between obesity and food systems: implications for the agriculture GP agenda The World Bank28 February 20182017
HEPP – Maintaining a focus on health inequalitiesEuropean Commission 21 February 20182018