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The Public Health on Demand (PHoD) provide an update on published literature on a public health topic, often decided in consultation with users of ncdlinks and our membership.

The searches carried out to prepare the updates are comprehensive but not systematic. We include references that are published as open access, but also provide a 'further reading' section, which contains details of subscription only accessible material. The UKHF is unable to provide you with subscription only content due to copyright and fees associated with dissemination.  We also provide you with content from grey sources, e.g. reports, policy documents, and other relevant content, which is not formally published in a journal.

We recommend that you subscribe to our current awareness services to get regular updates on newly published news and literature in your topic area. You can sign up here.

Obesity stigmatation image
Food marketing image
Obesity taxation image
Alcohol and youth marketing
Smoking and Income

Alcohol and youth marketing: Literature Update

Author: UK Health Forum, Jul 2014

PHoD: Smoking and Income

Author: UK Health Forum, Oct 2015

Public Health on Demand (PHoD) is our rebranded literature update service.