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Registration: NCMP network

This is a closed secure network.  For access, please complete the below registration form.

The information shared in the network can be sensitive and maintaining your privacy is taken very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioner and adhere to data protection laws.  In order to protect the privacy of the closed network, membership is open to those who work in government or service providers, working directly on the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).

Registration process
To gain access to the NCMP network, please complete the registration form. All completed registration forms requesting access to the NCMP network, will be forwarded to Public Health England (PHE) for approval. Once approval has been confirmed, an email will be sent to the email address on the registration form. 

Please use the Contact us form, for all queries.

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Prevention Information & Evidence (P.I.E) briefing is issued on a weekly basis and can be tailored to your topic interests. The P.I.E briefing covers grey literature, news and forthcoming  events.

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ncdlinks.org Member Benefits

Once registered and approved for either:

AlcoholHealthLink(alcohol harm reduction)
GlobaLink (tobacco control) or
PanaceaLink (physical activity & nutrition)

As members you will be able to access:
 - Member Profiles
 - Discussion forum (topic specific)
 - Subscribe to the members eNewsletter

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From time to time we may wish to contact you with details of our other free information services and to ask you participate in surveys to evaluate the services or research into information needs and use in public health.   
Please indicate below whether you are happy to be contacted as specified. If you do agree, please be assured that we will not share your data with any third party.
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